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Testimonials From Our Customers:
Creative Green Homes is proud to show you the homes of our many satisfied customers!
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The Kersey Family Cabin in Greer, AZ
We will post the Kersey testimonial when we receive it. Sure is pretty isn't it!
The Maehling Home Takes on a New Look
In March of 2015, we undertook a major renovation to our 33-year-old house in the Pinetop Lakes area. We contacted Steve Sims of Creative Green Homes because he had previously built homes for several of our friends from Yuma, AZ. At the first meeting, not knowing exactly what we wanted to do, we were very impressed with Steve’s professionalism and his ability to offer ideas for consideration. In the end, we turned the renovation project over to Steve and his crew. We essentially gutted the house and started over with more modern ideas and themes including enclosing our garage and converting it into a fourth bedroom and bath. In addition, Steve extended the covering on our back deck, which turned out awesome. Once we moved everything out of the house in mid-March, we returned to Yuma and coordinated everything from a long distance not returning until it was time to move back in. During the process, Steve kept us informed with numerous phone calls and pictures of the work that was done. Carolyn says that she is afraid I will go through withdrawals not talking to Steve daily now that the project has been completed. Steve’s attention to detail also made the process easier as we knew we had someone looking out for our interest even if we were not there to check on things. Finally, the project was completed a couple of weeks earlier than originally projected so we can confidentially say he met his commitment to complete our project on time. I would highly recommend Steve for any project being considered.  
-- Dave and Carolyn Maehling
The Bill Penny Family Cabin in Lakeside, AZ
We had a great experience with Creative Green Homes and loved working with Steve and his excellent team of subcontractors.
From the very beginning of the planning process, Steve was closely involved in helping us make the right decisions. He was always willing to listen to our requests and interests, and his attention to detail ensured that all aspects of the construction process were given careful and creative consideration.
We highly recommend Steve and Creative Green Homes as a trusted builder with integrity that will live up to his word and meet your expectations.
-- Bill and Jane Penny
The Porter's New Home in Linden, AZ
We lost our home in the Rodeo Chediski fire. Thanks to Steve Sims, we now have a lovely new home in Linden, Arizona. For years, we had a burning desire to rebuild on the original two acre site located in Timberland Acres. Our dream has now become a reality. Working with Steve was such a pleasure. The new construction process was painless as Steve managed the project from beginning to end. His experience, professional expertise, and ability to share new ideas while soliciting our input was a delight. Steve pretty much was literally able to read our minds based on the approved architectural design. His attention to detail and quality was impressive. We were very impressed with Steve’s Sub Contracting Partnerships as his team was great. We are Steve’s biggest fans and highly recommend Creative Green Homes to everyone. You will not be disappointed!
-- Rich and Lynn Porter, Linden, AZ
The Nolan Family Home in Show Low, AZ
We are blessed with having Steve Sims, aka Creative Green Homes, as our contractor for our dream retirement home in Show Low, Arizona. He proved to be very knowledgeable, creative, and very assessable during all aspects of the construction phases. Just as importantly, he is an extremely caring, honest, and fair man. We also appreciate his selection process and ultimate choice of subcontractors; they all did beautiful work and were of like-mind regarding conservation and keeping the job site clean. He honors the natural and green resources of this planet and is a true visionary for the next generation in residential construction. It is with great enthusiasm that we endorse Steve Sims and his Creative Green Homes Team.
Thanks, Steve for your outstanding work and for being you!
-- Frank and JoAnn Nolan Family, Carlsbad, CA and Show Low, AZ
The Weirich Home in Torreon, Show Low
This beautiful home was built in Torreon, overlooking the Torreon Golf Course.
I am writing this letter to anyone who is interested in hiring Steve Sims or his company, Creative Green Homes, to handle all aspects of their new green custom home build or any type of home construction you desire. I was extremely fortunate to have Steve overseeing all facets of the construction project on my house in Torreon. He was a pleasure to do business with and exceeded all my expectations during the building process. He was always organized, had my site area clean and well kept at all times. He treated his employees with respect and courtesy and always found answers to my questions and concerns. He was flexible to work with and open to the best options available even if they were not the original plan or his preferred choice. I appreciated his attention to detail and thoroughness. This was my first home build and there were a lot of details I didn't understand or were not aware of and Steve found a way to make it easy to understand. His follow up with my property has been exceptional. I can not stress enough how fortunate I was to have my home built by Steve and his crew. Please don't hesitate to hire Steve for your home building projects big or small, new and green.
Should I ever sell my current home and rebuild another home in Torreon, I would definitely call Steve and Creative Green Homes Team.
Thank you Steve and continued success!
-- T.J. Weirich; Show Low, AZ
The Petryk Home in Torreon, Show Low
Of the four homes we have contracted for in Arizona, our Show Low -Torreon project was by far the best run project with the best quality output. During the construction, Steve Sims paid meticulous attention to detail to solve problems in advance and make numerous suggestions to make the project better. From start to finish, the entire project was completed in under 9 months with a punch list at the end of less than 5 items. We attribute our extreme satisfaction with our home to Steve’s efforts.
-- Ed and Pam Petryk
Rockafellow Home in Linden, AZ 
Working with Steve Sims was a wonderful experience. Steve was always respectful of our time. He always would promptly respond to phone calls and emails. And, most importantly, Steve was open to all of our ideas. Steve holds his subs to very high standards and demanded excellence from them. We are very happy with our home and would recommend Steve and  Creative Green Homes, LLC to all of our friends.
-- Kristy & Chad Rockafellow
The Dotson's SIPs Home in Show Low, AZ
We were really lucky to have Steve Sims and his crew at Creative Green Homes build our new energy-efficient, passive solar home. The completed package has exceeded our dreams. 
Steve designed the house with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), manufactured in Phoenix and erected on site in 3-4 days, resulting in R30 walls and an R40 roof.  We have great views in almost every room. Perching on ladders before construction, we located landscape features for window placement.  The house has a poured concrete foundation and a solid block wall on three sides of the wood stove, retaining daytime heat in the winter and overnight cool in the summer. Grid-tied solar panels generate most of our electricity. Our annual utility bill, including propane for hot water and cooking, well water, septic system, and trash hauling, averages under $75 per month.   
Our attached greenhouse is the major source of heating (sunshine is still free in Arizona), assisted by the wood stove in winter months (we cut firewood on-site), and electric baseboard heating is available for emergencies (super insulation holds down costs). Duct work from the greenhouse supplies heat to bathrooms and bedrooms. Steve showed the foresight to insulate the greenhouse from the living area so we don’t fry in the summer. (A very important consideration!) 
In all, Steve and his contractors worked with us as a team to solve all the problems on our rocky site produce a house that is better than even we hoped. He has our thanks. 
-- David and Ginny Dotson
The Brooks Home in Lakeside, AZ
We will post the Brooks testimonial when we receive it.
The Jeff Penny Family Cabin in Lakeside, AZ
We will post Jeff Penny's testimonial when we receive it.
Creative Green Homes LLC is building new homes and new dreams every day, so please check back soon for more testimonials and pictures!
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